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Signs by Vision has over 15 years experience creating signs in Fairfield CT.  Our expertise stretches from Channel Letter Signs and Pylon Signs to Vehicle Wraps and Fleet Wraps.  Whether you are looking for a simplistic business sign or an elegant and over the top LED lit channel letter – the staff at Signs by Vision is standing by ready to help you through every step of the process.  Our Streamlined process will have your business sign designed, fabricated, and installed faster than any of our competitors.

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Channel Letters Signs of Fairfield, How Many?

If you have ever driven through the town of Fairfield, Connecticut, you may have noticed the plethora of businesses in the area. Due to its proximity to New York and Stamford, it has become an extremely competitive environment for businesses and home owners alike. You may not have noticed, but channel letter signs are all over Fairfield Connecticut. Channel letter signs are simply the store front signs of businesses that let you know who they are. Channel letter signs are on the front of the restaurant you at lunch at today. They are everywhere in Fairfield and they are here to stay.

Types of Channel Letter Signs in Fairfield

There are many different types of channel letter signs in Fairfield. The most common are plastic, metal, neon and reverse lit. The type of channel letter sign depends on the structure and the desire of the business owner. While some channel letter signs are a bit more expensive than others, it really makes a difference when it comes to bringing attention to your business. Contact Signs by Vision today for you brand new channel letter sign in Fairfield.

Placement of Channel Letter Signs in Fairfield

Since Fairfield is so full of businesses, it is extremely important to place your channel letter sign at the right height. It is also very important to make sure your channel letter sign is the proper size. Depending on whether you are trying to draw attention from the street or from the highway, you will need to have the proper size sign. Channel letter signs can vary in size, so make sure you consult with Signs by Vision for the proper size. Signs by Vision offers 100% free estimates in Fairfield.

Plaza Channel Letter Signs in Fairfield

How many times have you noticed an extremely crowded plaza in Fairfield? Sometimes there can be as many as 15 businesses in one small plaza. Channel letter signs are extremely important to differentiate your business from competitors. Don’t let Joe’s pizza palace next door take business from you. Stand out and have a bright, new, shiny and impressive channel letter sign!