ledsign2Every business person is looking to make the most bang for their buck, and why shouldn’t he when he can. In the wake of modern technological advancements we are blessed with a piece of technology which is commonly known as LED, today we will look at 4 top economic benefits of using Signs with LEDs.


#1 Reliability

Ask anyone who purchases things which are intended to be used mainly outdoors, the very first thing they want to make sure is that whether it is reliable enough. The costs significantly bump up if the products are not reliable and need constant repairs or replacements.

Thanks to LED lights they are made to last long, and the average operational life of them is up to 100,000 hours, which in other words is 11 years of consecutive usage. This alone factor saves hundreds if not thousands of dollars in constant watch for repairs and need for replacements.

#2 Eco-friendly

Wait a second, let your mind sink in with the concept of going green and being eco-friendly. What has that to do with economic benefit and where do LED’s come into the equation. The answer is yes to both, LEDs are both ecological friendly and that is not only beneficial for the mother nature but it also gets you economic cost savings.

First off, LED’s are mostly made without using any toxic chemicals which are dangerous to environment, they are completely recyclable. Coming towards how it aids in monetary terms, then you can thank the Tax laws of America. Small and large businesses can get Tax credits for using green technologies. Since LEDs require very little in terms of power they are more than suited to be used with solar panels, thus adding another reason of it being more eco-friendly and a huge cost saver.

#3 Utilizes energy efficiently

It is nothing new that LEDs in comparison to traditional bulbs are highly energy efficient up to 80% to 90%. Which is a huge reason alone to justify the use of LED’s and its costs saving in an era of constantly rising energy costs it matters a lot. What that 80% to 90% means in layman terms is that electricity required to power LED’s is converted up to 90% into illumination and the wasted energy due to heat is only 10% to 20%.

This energy efficiency can also be linked to the earlier point of eco-friendliness and save costs in the form of tax credits. This cost savings add up significantly when you factor into a high density LED sign versus a sign which uses incandescent tubes or bulbs which are only 20% energy efficient.

#4 Flexibility in terms of design

LEDs are highly flexible in terms of the design flexibility they offer, so whether you are looking for a standard rectangular signage or a highly customized shape, you can be rest assured that you can do that easily with LEDs without any extra costs associated.

Each LED in the array of high density panels can be controlled precisely for achieving desired effects. It is the very reason they are used for mood setting for diverse environments. This aesthetic flexibility does not come with any other lighting solutions without additional costs.