Have you ever wondered that in today’s age where every major or minor companies, are looking to get eyeballs to their advertisements, but then there is this perplexed situation of what medium to be used? Especially when it comes for the outdoor signs there are so many options.

A brief history

Led signs first commercially came into existence in the 1960’s and have ever since become cheaper to mass produce. It was the era wherein every new day came with many inventive surprises, and the time when a few of the greatest scientists ever were working to make the future tech which we take for granted. Among them was the research work done on semiconductors, it was that period when James R. Biard and Gary Pittman discovered LED in the fall of 1961.

Texas Instruments was one of the first to get patent on LED to sell them for $130 each. LEDs soon proved their worth and got adapted to be used in various devices. IBM started the major adoption by replacing tungsten bulbs with LEDs with their computers.

The main question for outdoor marketers is whether or not they are still relevant, the answer is astoundingly positive. You can literally not drive by a single business street in America where you would not see Led signs. Not only the costs of their production have come down but also the maintenance costs have significantly reduced.

The relevance of LEDs in the current age and future outlook

Any medium of technology has a time span in which it exists and then ceases to exist, Led for the fact is just getting more advanced and matured. If we were to roughly approximate how long they would exist, before being replaced completely by another technology researchers believe it may last another century.

So there you have it, they are not only still relevant but the whole signage industry is moving onto and adapting itself to the age of LED’s. Long gone are the days now where static printed outdoor advertisements were a norm, now we see most of them being upgraded to dynamic and vibrant high density Led signs which capture the attention of passersby through their beautifully rich displays.

Convinced to adapt LED signs for your business

Now as we have already established the relevance, the next major hurdle is to find solid reliable service provider to give take care of all the nooks and crannies of installation, servicing and upgrading of LED signs. Letting you focus on your business whilst you get world class service.

Looking for a trusted provider in Connecticut

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