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Neon Signs or LED Signs?

The battle between different sign mediums is constantly being fought, and so far we have a champion which just plain refuses to be defeated. Yes without any further ado we shall dive straight into the talk and know who wins this sign battle. Each contestant is that Led signs and Neon signs will be judged on 6 principles, whoever wins most rounds will be crowned with the championship.

#1 Technology

LEDs are technologically superior, simple and easy to produce in large quantities, they require little to almost no maintenance. They can last more than a decade even if consecutively ran. Whereas Neon based signs are technologically old, maintenance is expensive and they cannot even last a quarter of the life of the Led. For this round Led sign comes to be a clear winner.

#2 Expense

Led based signs are approximately at least 10% more cost effective than in contrast to neon signs. That 10% here only refers to the initial cost, when longevity, maintenance and other factors are accounted in, it becomes significantly more. LED’s are readily available and cheaper if compared to neon sign components. Led signs beats neon sings once again in this round.

#3 Logistics

Neon signs require proper base of installation which can bear its bulky weight, therefore the places it can be installed need to be wide enough. Furthermore Neon signs have at least 3 to 5 inches depth which limits its flexibility, where there is limited space. Led signs in contrast are very light weight, can easily be configured into various shapes and sizes unlike neon based signs. Led signs also are one third the depth of neon signs, making it preferable choice for places where space of installation is an issue. This round goes to Led signs too without any doubt.

#4 Ease of installation

Led signs are so easy to be configured that they can be as simple as turning on a gadget. Their installation is leaps and bounds more stress-free than neon signs which require professional labor to install. Led signs are on a winning streak so far.

#5 Eco-friendliness

Who does not love Mother Nature, we have included this very important aspect for our love towards earth. With global warming reaching critical levels, it is indeed every person’s responsibility to be conscious in terms of being eco-friendly. Led signs use significantly less power in contrast to neon signs, they are made without any toxic chemicals. Whereas neon signs consume more power and run on toxic gases such as argon and mercury. Looks like we have our champion led signs already with five clear wins on its side.

#6 Maintenance

Neon signs are difficult to clean, are expensive to replace and maintain as the gas sometimes leaks which causes flickering. In a complete contrast Led signs require little to no maintenance, they are easy to be replaced and fixed, they don’t run out of gas as the neon signs do and they can be cleansed relatively very easily.

As you may have already guessed, yes led signs is crowned with the championship, it stands undefeated proudly illuminating the future.