Light Boxes

Cabinet Signs can be single-faced or double-faced and can be made to fit any size and shape you need: square, rectangle, oval or custom contoured shape. You can also choose from many face options: Lexan, routed aluminum, flex face, pan formed, or open face. Single faced signs can be wall mounted, pole mounted, or hung. Double faced signs can be mounted on a single pole, double pole, between poles, hung, match plate, etc. These custom cabinet signs are designed and fabricated with quality and durability in mind, will exceed your expectations and will last for years with very minimal upkeep.

Push Through Acrylic Letters

Searching for a unique, sophisticated looking cabinet sign? This is the sign for you. Push-through signs are created by routing holes in the face of the sign just big enough for the letters to come through and then lit from the back so only the letters and logos are illuminated and shine bright. This creates a very stylish, high-end effect, especially when paired with brushed aluminum and LED lights.

Flex Face Signs

This flexible sign material used for awning signs, pole signs, and cabinet signs is the way to go for large installations because you are not restricted to size. Heights can extend seamlessly from five to sixteen feet. This material is durable, flexible, and dirt resistant with a smooth glossy looking finish. From simple lettering to high-definition, full color digitally printed photographic images, Signs by Vision gives you a complete range of options to fit any custom sign application.