Front-Lit Channel Letters

Front-Lit Channel Letters are the most common type of channel letter sign and are found on most store front retail businesses, bars, restaurants and franchise locations. There is an almost endless amount of design options, color and shape combinations and sizes that Channel Letter signs can be made into. For this type of sign, just the face of the letters are illuminated, often lit with high intensity, yet very efficient LED lights. The sides are solid aluminum or plastic and the face is covered with Lexan or some other substrate which can be customized with adhesive vinyl graphics. For installation the sign can be flush-mounted on a wall or installed on a raceway that is attached to the exterior wall of a building.

Reverse-Lit Channel Letters

Are you looking to make a statement with a custom sign that really shows off your style? Reverse-Lit or Back-Lit Channel Letters will do just that. These signs provide a distinct look and make a memorable impression to the people checking out your location. Unlike most other  signs where each letter is an individual piece, these letters are mounted slightly above the flat substrate and lit from the back to form a halo effect behind the letters or image which make the letters look like they’re floating on the face of the sign. High intensity LED lights are most commonly used because they are very small & can be hidden behind each letter and they come in a wide range of colors to match any logo design.

Open Face Channel Letters

If your business needs to stand out from the crowd or operates at night Open-Face Channel Letters are one of your best options. A favorite of many bars, restaurants and nightclubs because they attract attention, can be made in many bright colors and can be seen for a long distances when they’re lit up. The sign can be crafted into any size and shape just like other Channel Letters but instead of each letter being capped with Lexan they are open in the front which allows the light source, like neon or LED’s to be fully exposed. This is definitely one of the most attention grabbing kinds of custom signs you can get for the exterior of your business.