Signs by Vision offers a wide variety of dimensional laser cut raised letters, from traditional to ornamental and script. Our high standards mean you will get quality letters, with a fast turnaround time and at a competitive price. Our extensive line of raised letters includes: metal letters, plastic letters, display letters, metal plaques, and sign components available in interior or exterior materials.

Raised-Letters-Metal-Signs-by-VisionMetal Raised Letters can be created several different ways. From precision cut with waterjets and lasers to cast and molded metal lettering. Metal raised letters give your sign an elegant and durable feel. These letters are perfect for outdoor use, yet elegant enough for any boardroom. Metal signs can be made from nearly any metal; Aluminum, stainless steel, bronze, brass, or copper. In addition to the type of metal, we can add different finishes to your metal raised letters such as polished, brushed, oxidized and many more! Finally there are numerous options for mounting from hanging to pin mounted.  There are lots of choices to make when it comes to your metal raised letters, let our expert customer service staff give you a hand in making your decision, contact us today!


Raised-Letters-Plastic-Signs-by-VisionPlastic Raised Letters come in three varieties: laser cut acrylic, formed plastic, and injection molded. Laser cut acrylic raised letters are cut from a single sheet of acrylic with extreme precision. Formed plastic raised letters are made by heating a sheet of plastic and then stretched onto a mold by applying a vacuum between the sheet and mold. Injection molded plastic raised letters are created by injecting plastic into a mold at high pressure which then shapes the plastic in the desired look.