There is simply no other form of advertising that is as cost effective as vehicle wrap advertising. Your custom vehicle wrap is a traveling billboard displaying your brands message 24 hours a day for a fraction of the cost of other options. At Signs By Vision we use only the best (3M) products and high quality, large format, full color graphics to help advertise your companies brand, product or service. We can create a custom vehicle wrap for any kind of vehicle on the road including cars, trucks, bikes, trailers and if you own a business with multiple vehicles, we can do a complete fleet wrap to really maximize your exposure. Take a minute to read this article on the effectiveness of vehicle wrap advertising and check out a few samples of the kind of work we’ve done for our customers.

For pennies per day you can reach hundreds or even thousands of potential customers twenty four hours a day, seven days a week. You’re even spreading your brands message when the cars parked or when you’re home sleeping at night. Vehicle Wraps never take a break. Turning you vehicle into a rolling billboard is the least expensive and most effective way to advertise your business. There is no doubt that people will see your advertising and remember your company as you roll by with your new vehicle wrap!

There is also a common misconception that all wraps need to have wild graphics & loud colors to be effective. That’s not necessarily true. If you don’t want to cover your vehicle in bright colors or your brand is more subtle there are many other ways to achieve the same result with a more sophisticated look. Our team of graphic designers can create literally any kind of graphic you can think of. From full color photos to simple lines of text, it’s all about what you like, what your brand is about and what message will best speak to your customer. Our designers have been creating wrap graphics for years and they will work with you until you get exactly what you want.

Full Vehicle Wrap

This is the most complete vehicle wrap option and is the best option for small cars, shuttle vans, delivery trucks or any vehicle that is going to be on the road full time. If you’re going to be driving the vehicle all day long it makes the larger investment worth it. We will cover every part of the exterior of the vehicle, giving it the illusion of a completely custom paint job. Wrapping your work truck or delivery vehicle also gives you an edge over competition, besides the obvious advertising factor, you display a trustworthiness to your customers you can’t get when you pull up in a plain, unmarked vehicle.

Partial Vehicle Wrap

A partial vehicle wrap is a more economical choice when compared to a full vehicle wrap and can be fine tuned to accommodate to your budget. Partial vehicle wraps are a great choice for new businesses and start-ups that require publicity and customer outreach.

NO! We use the highest quality 3M products to ensure  our vehicle wraps won’t damage your paint. It will actually protect your vehicle! A vinyl vehicle wrap is extremely durable and will protect your vehicle against a lot of road wear, especially sand and rocks being kicked up on highways. Instead of your paint taking the hit, the vinyl will, and the vinyl is durable enough where you won’t even see it.
Yes. The full and partial vehicle wrap are designed to come off very easily. Just a little pulling and possibly a heat gun is all it takes to remove the vehicle wrap (No chemicals are required to remove the vinyl)
On average a vehicle wrap will last between 3-5 years depending on how often you wash and maintain the vehicle and the kind of weather and sun exposure your vehicle endures. It isn’t uncommon for vehicle wraps to last much longer than that with proper care.