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Project Description

This custom made pylon sign was built to match the newly renovated 3 Brothers Diner in Danbury, CT. They completely redesigned the building and gave it a very retro, 50’s diner style and needed a sign to compliment their new look.

This pylon sign was completely built by hand and consists of 3 main sign pieces. The large open face channel letter “3” at the top which is lit by 23 individual light bulbs around the interior of the letter. Hand bent neon makes up the word “Brothers” and glows a bright red when lit at night and the lower section made from 5 individual light boxes spelling out “DINER” are lit from the inside and covered with white Lexan and cut vinyl letters. The rest of the sign is covered in polished sheet metal all the way down to the ground.

A sign like this is a big commitment for any business but it will be there promoting their business night & day for years to come. With proper maintenance and a few new light bulbs from time to time this sign can last more than 10 years and will look as good then as it does the day it went up. Although it’s a considerable expense to build a custom sign like this if you average it over the life of the sign it really makes sense. Hundreds or even thousands of people driving down the street every day can’t help but notice your business when you have a sign this nice out front.

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