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Bridgeport, Connecticut is the largest town in Connecticut. Pylon signs are everywhere in Bridgeport. From downtown to Black Rock, pylon signs are in abundance. With so many people in Bridgeport, it is important to stand out as a business owner. Pylon signs are one of the most effective ways to do this. Pylon signs allow total visibility from the road, train or sidewalk. Pylon signs hold a variety of business types and are considered to be one of the most important types of signs.

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Types of Pylon Signs in Bridgeport

There are many different types of pylon signs in Bridgeport. Most are made out of plastic, metal or aluminum. Depending on the type of structure you need, Signs by Vision can help. Signs by Vision offers all types of pylon signs in Bridgeport, CT. Contact us today for your free pylon sign estimate.

Pylon Sign Heights

What is the proper height of a pylon sign? It really can vary depending on the amount of businesses that are housed in the pylon sign. Typically a pylon sign holds anywhere from three to ten businesses. Bridgeport offers a variety of businesses that need pylon signs. The important thing to remember is that pylon signs are built to last. The height has to be properly measured since the pylon structure is here to stay. It is important to ensure the pylon sign is not to tall or too short. Contact Signs by Vision today for your professional pylon sign installation in Bridgeport, Connecticut.

Bridgeport Pylon Sign History

With the age of Bridgeport, it is interesting to take a look at the history of pylon signs and the signs of historical Bridgeport. Downtown Bridgeport offers many historical banks, museums and structures that have a variety of signs, although none of these are considered pylon signs. The next time you talk a walk through downtown Bridgeport consider the type of signs and think of the history involved in such a feat. Get your updated pylon sign today from Signs by Vision.