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Have you ever wondered about all the major plazas in Fairfield, Connecticut? With all the major businesses hidden within plazas, how can a person tell them apart? The answer is pylon signs. Pylon signs are the large, tall and street visible signs that a business displays. They are usually a structure that houses multiple business signs. Up to eight businesses can share a pylon sign structure. Fairfield is home to some of the most unique pylon signs in the state.

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Height of Pylon Signs in Fairfield

The height of the pylon sign structure plays an important role in determining the effectiveness of the pylon structure. As you know, the point of the pylon sign is to attract vehicles from the street into the plaza for business. With the amount of Fairfield pylon sign structures, it is important to have the proper height. A height that is too tall will not allow vehicles to see it while a height that is too short will not allow vehicles to view it either. Pylon signs are located all over Fairfield, CT. Contact Signs by Vision today for your free pylon sign estimate in Fairfield.

Pylon Sign Materials in Fairfield

What type of material are pylon signs actually made out of in Fairfield? This really depends on the type of pylon sign structure and the purpose. The pylon signs can range from aluminum and steel to a more modern type of plastic structure. The piece of material that the business name is written on is usually made of plastic. Fairfield pylon signs do range in material and can be built based on the budget of your project.

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With the amount of competition in Fairfield, it is time to update your pylon sign today. Stand out from the pack and bring customers into your business! Contact Signs by Vision for your free pylon sign estimate today!