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Pylon Signs are located all over the town of Stamford, Connecticut. Stamford’s proximity to New York City creates an extremely dense and competitive market for businesses. Pylon signs are used to allow people to find a business in the crowded town of Stamford. How many pylon signs in Stamford have your noticed today? Signs by Vision is here to help with all of your pylon sign needs in Stamford. Contact us today for your free pylon sign estimate.

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Stamford Pylon Sign Height

One of the most important features of a pylon sign is the placement in regards to height. A pylon sign that is placed too high will never be seen by your intended audience. On the other hand, a pylon sign that is placed too low will also never be seen. Signs by Vision has over 15 years of experience in pylon sign installation in Stamford. Contact us today!

Pylon Sign Materials

Have you noticed any unique pylon signs in Stamford? The construction and material used in pylon sign building can make a difference on how it is seen. Typically pylon signs are built with aluminum, metal or plastic. Some of the most sturdy pylon signs are created with metal that stands the test of time. New technologies and use of hard plastics also allow pylon signs to remain strong.